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About Hebaco

Hebaco is a dynamic enterprise with production facilities in Bulgaria and Poland. Hebaco developed itself the past years as a specialist in equipment for earthmoving machines with HP as trademark and containers in different sizes with Solicon as trademark. Hebaco products guarantee quality and productivity and are daily intensively used by an international clientele in earthwork, road construction, water construction, scrap processing, transhipment, the recycling and demolition industry. All of our products undergo rigorous inspections before being put up for sale, so that we can ensure we offer you the absolute best quality.

All Hebaco products comply with the European legal provisions and are delivered with CE- Mark and user’s instruction.

Hebaco also offers an extensive service package, consisting of advice about the choice for the right equipment, after-sales service and support with maintenance and repair. Hebaco is renowned for its excellent price-performance ratio, wide range of products and an extensive stock (more than 1000 pieces in stock). Together with the close and accurate cooperation with the production Hebaco is able to guarantee the shortest delivery time in the West-European industry. Choosing for Hebaco products is choosing for quality, reliability and service at the best price!