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Solicon Containers

Hebaco is specialised in a wide range of containers for earthwork, road construction,water construction, scrap processing, transhipment, recycling, industry and demolition.

All these products are tailor-made for the customer and delivered in the colour the customer wants.

Furthermore the customer has the choice between the RE.HO.ST.,RE.HO.GPL. version or the ECO version.

The ECO version is a lighter version than the RE.HO.ST. version.


  • Earth and demolition containers
  • Containers with sidedoors (iron or aluminium)
  • Volume containers
  • Platform containers
  • Watertight containers (liquid containers)
  • Dewatering or sludge containers
  • Paper containers


  • Case for materials
  • Sliding roof
  • Fixed roof
  • Butterfly net coverage
  • Sail coverage
  • Universal door
  • - mechanical
  • - pneumatic
  • - hydraulic

Volume containers